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Corporate & Capital Markets

Global Capital Raising & Bond Issuance

The department offers corporate consultation from seed stage to initial public offerings and securities listings traded on stock exchanges in Israel, the USA and Europe. Legal services are also provided to Israeli and foreign underwriters raising capital in Israel and overseas.

The firm’s extensive experience in capital raising includes the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and stock markets in the United States (including NYSE and NASDAQ), the UK (including AIM and LSE), and the principal securities markets in Europe (including Easdaq and Euronext).

The department’s attorneys provide legal advice to public companies complying with regulation requirements in Israel and overseas, including reporting, transparency, disclosure and securities and corporate laws and directives handed down by securities and stock exchange authorities.

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Representation of start-up companies and entrepreneurs in private financing transactions, including cross-border transactions and leverage transactions.
  • Representation of private and institutional investors, including venture capital funds, high-tech incubators and technology commercialization initiatives owned by universities and private businesses.
  • Legal counsel for capital raising companies, entrepreneurs, investors and capital raising platforms engaged in crowdfunding operations, in accordance with crowdfunding legislation and the sophisticated frameworks introduced due to recent legislative amendments.
  • Ongoing legal counsel to boards of directors and entrepreneurs as to laws and regulations governing securities, corporations and stock exchanges, and the developing legal landscape in Israeli corporate governance.
  • Stock option plans for senior officers, employees and consultants, including phantom stock plans and alternative compensation arrangements.
  • Formulation and adoption of effective internal enforcement plans, implementation of compensation policies and mandatory and voluntary corporate governance principles.

Our Team

The department’s partners’ expertise is informed by more than 25 years of representing issuers, underwriters and public companies listed on stock exchanges in Israel, the USA and Europe. The partners have helped compose over 100 prospectuses and continue to advise many companies after IPO stage completion.

Department Team: