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Class Actions & Derivative Suits

Professional Representation

nSince the introduction of Israel’s updated class action law (2006), the courts have become more receptive to certifying class action suits. The firm’s litigation department has represented clients in hundreds of class action suits in fields ranging from retail and technology to food products and environmental sustainability.

Eitan Mehulal Sadot was ranked as one of Israel’s top legal firms handling class actions by both the Class Action Conference as well as the Conference commemorating the 10-year anniversary of the 2006 class action law.

Our Team

The firm’s experts have extensive litigation experience in large and complex cases, and routinely lecture on class action and derivative suits, including in seminars organized by the Israel Bar Association and the Israeli Directors’ Union.

Notable Examples

  • Representation of board of director members of leading companies in the energy, infrastructure and retail industries, in derivative suits.
  • Representation of leading companies in the retail, electronics, agricultural, consumer and food industries, facing class action suits.

Department Team: