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Insolvency, Dissolution & Corporate Recovery

The department specializes in the handling and management of insolvent companies, and mainly

  • Operation as a ‘going concern’ of companies in various market segments, as receiver or liquidator – performing a comprehensive review of the company’s business and business environment, and managing the company’s legal and operating risks while operating the business as a ‘going concern’ in order to maximize asset value. In this context, we handle affiliated companies, public companies, large manufacturing companies and other entities, where the disposition of the entity or its assets are performed concurrently with operation as a ‘going concern’.
  • Speciality in the management and dissolution of multi-national corporations – managing companies both in Israel and overseas, including as a ‘going concern’, and shutting down operations where necessary. This practice is unique to Eitan Mehulal Sadot and relies on the firm’s extensive ties around the world, and our ability to utilize complex legal and managerial tools also outside of Israel.
  • Speciality in real estate disposition in Israel and worldwide – maximizing the business potential of insolvent real estate companies and properties. In this context, the department handled companies and real properties in the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Russia, China, Eastern Europe, the Virgin Islands, Malta and elsewhere.
  • Speciality in insolvent start-ups and technology companies – handling start-ups and technology companies, from the quiet shutdown, without the need for insolvency proceedings, to the dissolution of the company and disposition of its assets. This practice brings into play the advantage and distinctiveness of our interdisciplinary capabilities regarding intellectual property and tax aspects, as well as in finding buyers from relevant industries. The firm has years-long experience and speciality in working vis-à-vis incubators and the Chief Scientist with respect to the sale of technologies and intellectual property in and outside of Israel.
  • Speciality in sale to foreigners – Eitan Mehulal Sadot has knowledge and experience in selling to foreign clients while overcoming the challenges involved in cross-border sales in the context of insolvency proceedings. These advantages enable the department’s attorneys to expand the circle of potential buyers for the properties handled by them, thus maximizing their value.
  • Unique tax solutions for all aspects of insolvency proceedings – including taxation of companies/ individuals/ real estate/ technology/ indirect taxation and VAT.
  • Representation of bondholders and companies active in the capital market in insolvency proceedings and appointment as liquidator, receiver or special manager in or incidentally to arrangement proceedings – while working closely with trustees for bondholders and addressing the rights of banks with respect to the company’s assets.
  • Structuring and overseeing the enforcement of debt arrangements – the department team’s unique combination of excellent legal and managerial skills, enable the department to achieve complex debt arrangements and oversee their enforcement over years, with involvement, where necessary, in the management of the company and supervision over its financial statements.
  • Representation of buyers of and investors in insolvent companies – advising buyers and investors on all aspects of investment and acquisition, from the stages of strategy and due diligence to the approval of the sale through the relevant proceeding and consummation of the transaction.

Insolvency, Dissolution & Corporate Recovery Department Team: