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Labor Law

Eitan Mehulal Sadot’s Labor Law Department provides a wide range of legal services for organizations and employers, covering all aspects of private and collective labor law.

The department helps small & medium-sized businesses, large organizations and global corporations create and preserve a foundation for proper and orderly employment, as a basis for business success and growth. In addition, the department aids its clients in managing and solving legal labor crises with optimal efficiency and professionalism.

The firm’s clients include the leading employers in the market, from companies in the construction, hotel, human resource, finance and high-tech industries, to multinational corporations, public institutions and non-profit organizations.

In order to achieve optimal results, the department is committed to service professionalism and selecting the appropriate strategy for every one of its clients. Ranking index BDI ranks the department as Reputed.

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Employer guidance and consultation with regard to employee hiring and negotiations.
  • Drafting individual employment agreements, updating existing agreements and drafting employee compensation plans.
  • Drafting legal documents pertaining to employer and employee/supplier relations, including non-competition agreements, non-disclosure agreements and intellectual property protection agreements.
  • Drafting retirement plan agreements and acceptance and release letters; guidance throughout “account completion” processes.
  • Legal consultation and opinion on a variety of labor law issues (minimum wage, collective agreements, etc.).
  • Response to questions raised by clients on labor law issues (vacation, sick leave, convalescence, allocations, employee termination compensation, employee hearings, sexual harassment complaints and more).
  • Employee representation in labor law court, mediations, arbitrations and Ministry of Economy and Industry proceedings. The department has vast experience in labor law litigation, in representing clients in large cases and in collective disputes, and in formulating labor dispute solutions.
  • Pension: Ongoing legal consultation in all aspects concerning employee pensions.
  • Consultation on complex organizational structure changes, including employee cutbacks.
  • Ongoing consultation on the effects of commercial transactions and M&A processes on labor law.
  • Guidance to employers with regard to employee organizations and unions, collective bargaining and collective agreements.
  • Legal counsel to employers on collective and individual work relations. The department has vast experience in reducing legal risk and in guiding employers through times of crisis.
  • Consultation to international companies in Israel regarding local employment policies.
  • Thorough examination of service providers and scenarios, as a basis for formulating the appropriate solutions.
  • Foreign workers: Consultation and guidance to employers with regard to foreign worker employment, including aid in obtaining work permits and drafting legal and work documents.
  • Handling class actions involving labor law.

Our Team

The department’s distinguished legal services are based on the experience and knowledge of its professional team. The department’s attorneys play an active role in the dynamic employment relations field while keeping abreast of all new developments in labor law and its adjacent legal practice areas. Department Head Roee Gutman is frequently invited to a variety of venues to lecture on labor law.