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Infrastructure, Energy & Project Financing

Eitan Mehulal Sadot’s Infrastructure, Energy & Project Financing Department provides legal services for projects and initiatives in the energy, transportation, water and real estate sectors.

Due to unique regulation and financing conditions, infrastructure and energy projects require legal guidance based on a variety of practice areas. Leveraging a proven track record in guiding complex transactions and vast experience with financing consortiums based in Europe, the United States and Israel, the department helps its clients implement precise solutions and conduct business in optimal fashion.

A Proven Pragmatic Approach

The department’s objective is to identify and implement the best legal solutions for every project under its professional care. The department’s attorneys clarify all crucial agreement terms and address the conditions that allow varying degrees of flexibility. This pragmatic approach helps complete intricate transactions quickly and meticulously.

Our Team

The firm’s attorneys are leading experts in all legal practice areas relevant to large and complex projects, including tender law, administrative law, government regulation, financing agreements, ISDA, subjugations, tax law, real estate law, intellectual property and litigation.

The department’s legal team recognizes the commercial nuances that define large-scale projects and understands the interests of all parties involved: government, financers, entrepreneurs and contractors.

Notable Projects

  • Conventional power plant in Mishor Rotem (440 MW)
  • Thermo-solar power plant in Ashelim (120 MW)
  • Photovoltaic power plant in Ashelim (30 MW)
  • Light rails in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem
  • Real Estate in Hertzlia and Ramat Hasharon
  • Government campuses and courts throughout Israel
  • European Investment Bank loans to the Israeli government for sewage infrastructure financing

Infrastructure, Energy & Project Financing Department Team: