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Eitan Mehulal Sadot provides top-tier legal services to developers, investors, construction contractors and homeowners. The firm’s areas of expertise include commercial real estate, urban renewal, investment properties, combination transactions, land taxation, group purchasing and real estate law in Judea & Samaria.

The firm represents developers and contractors at all project development stages, from negotiating service and financing agreements to company ledger management and condominium order issuance. Additional essential services include expert tax consultation, legal analysis of potential transactions, and litigation.

 Key Areas of Expertise:

Commercial Real Estate: The firm offers full legal representation and guidance to commercial developers, from the acquisition and development stages to property sales or rentals.

Urban Renewal: Developers and contractors specializing in urban renewal are provided with comprehensive services, including agreement drafting, negotiations, taxation counseling and legal guidance throughout the project lifecycle.

Certain Urban Renewal projects call for homeowner representation. The firm’s services include recruiting developers & contractors, company due diligence and representation until re-occupancy.

Buying Groups: The firm provides legal counsel pertaining to residential and commercial real estate group purchasing, including legal entity establishment, drafting options agreements and legal interactions with service providers.

Investor Representation: Investors and real estate financers receive expert legal guidance tailored to specific requirements and encompassing a variety of legal agreements, securities and types of advice.

Property Sale Agreements: The firm guides clients throughout the transaction process. The firm’s attorneys also handle complex deals involving bankruptcy or receivership.

Building Additions: Apartment homeowner guidance through the legalities of terrace and fortified “Mamad” room additions.

Industrial Parks: The firm’s attorneys serve as legal representatives for industrial park projects established as part of the Ministry of Economy and Industry’s industrial zone development plan.

Our Team

Eitan Mehulal Sadot’s attorneys are leading real estate law practitioners, whose proficiency is enhanced by the firm’s taxation, commercial law and litigation expertise. With enormous experience in large scale residential projects, ambitious commercial initiatives and multiple-party transactions, the team’s professional expertise and acumen provide a firm legal backbone for success.