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High-Tech & Venture Capital

Eitan Mehulal Sadot provides tech companies with legal counsel at all stages of development, from seed and establishment to expansion and maturity. The firm’s clients include Israeli companies operating in Israel and overseas, and foreign companies with business concerns in Israel.

High-tech companies operate in a global environment influenced by innovative business cultures, fast-paced interactions and unique regulations. The firm’s commercial law, intellectual property, taxation and capital markets expertise forms a basis for top-tier legal services specifically tailored for tech companies and start-up initiatives.

Eitan Mehulal Sadot’s comprehensive intellectual property knowledge and experience (patents, trademark registration, IP strategy & litigation) are exceptionally unique. These capabilities enrich the firm’s service portfolio and are extremely advantageous to tech clients dealing with IP issues.

Our Clients

The firm’s clients are active in a wide range of business sectors, which include the internet & mobile, medical device, energy & cleantech, homeland security, IT & software, semiconductor, telecommunications, biotech and Biomed industries.

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Startups & Mature High-Tech Companies:
    • Company establishment and preparation, from the first day of inception, for future sale or investment transactions.
    • Drafting of Preliminary Agreements: Founders’ agreements, pre-seed financing agreements, IP assignment agreements and NDAs.
    • Consultation regarding business models and the appropriate legal and tax structures and agreements required to help bring them to fruition.
    • Intellectual Property: Intellectual property protection strategy and planning, in accordance with start-up budget considerations.
    • Human Resources and Compensation Programs: Cash and equity incentive programs, employee contracts and employment policy.
    • Financing & Investments: Private equity investments, venture capital transactions, debt financing, government funding; Legal counsel to companies throughout funding cycles, including preparation for due diligence, term sheet negotiations, preparation of investment documents and agreement closing.
    • Technology Transactions: Licensing, technology development, OEM agreements, joint ventures, strategic alliances, turn-key projects, end-user license agreements, evaluation agreements, VAR agreements and SLA policies.
    • Commercial Agreements: Distribution agreements, franchise agreements, reseller and dealer agreements, RFPs, supplier agreements, marketing agreements, agent contracts.
    • Internet Policy: Terms and conditions, privacy policies, content and copyright issues, click-through agreements and online sales.
    • Open Source Code: Consultation regarding policy and proper use.
  • Private Investors and Venture Capital Funds:
    • Representation of private investors and VC funds: due diligence reviews, investment negotiations and legal consultation regarding portfolio companies.
    • Establishment of VC funds and partnerships; ongoing legal consultation.

Our Team

The team’s commercial law expertise benefits a wide range of companies operating in the global high-tech industry. In addition to their legal proficiency, the firm’s attorneys have qualified academically in computer science, business administration and other key disciplines, on both undergraduate and graduate levels.

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